Spare The Cold (STC) is an annual initiative that provides those in need with backpacks full of necessities on Christmas Day!

The Holidays are a time when families and friends come together and celebrate; sadly not all of us are that fortunate. Spare The Cold wants to make the Holiday spirit as inclusive as possible by providing backpacks full of necessities to people who are marginalized by poverty within our respective communities.

Since it’s inaugural year in 2006, Spare The Cold has successfully distributed over 600 backpacks to individuals in need in the downtown core of both Vancouver & Victoria. Spare The Cold is 100% volunteer run and driven and is 100% dependent on community support, it is entirely made possible by the generosity of a caring public, organizations and local businesses.

This year the project is continuing with great momentum in Victoria and Vancouver.  This is fantastic news since it means that we will have the opportunity to brighten the lives of hundreds once more and continue bringing awareness regarding the lack of safe and affordable housing in our local communities.  A backpack is at times the only means of personal storage and safekeeping a person struggling with homelessness or unstable housing may have access to since many recipients do not have access to safe, secure and permanent housing.

As of February 10th, 2009 Spare The Cold Collective Society has officially become an independent Society!